June 15, 2023

Nice Journey of John Cho in Pursuing His Dream as Actor

Nice Journey of John Cho in Pursuing His Dream as Actor – It is interesting to see information about some actors and actress. Some people mostly get good impression of certain figure after his or her appearance in movie or series. After that, they will look for deeper information about teh actors or actress. In this case, there is nice American actor. He is John Cho. Those who love films of Star Trek and its franchises mostly know him because he got popularity after his acting in one of the franchise of Star Trek. As for his biography and information, you can check the details below.

As for his childhood, John Cho was born in Seoul, South Korea. Altough he got popular as American actor, in fact he was not born America. Both of his parents are also Korean. He was born in a family who serves as Christian preacher. He was born in June 16, 1972. His birth name was not John Cho. At birth, his parents named hi m Cho Yo Han. However, he got his name changed to John Yohan Cho. This happened when he and his parents migrated to United States in 1978, or when he was around 6 years. His parents changed his name to make it easier to pronounce because they live in new society and neighborhood. At first, he and his family lived in Texas City. However, it did not last long because they moved to Los Angeles. They moved because John Cho’s dad got a job ini local campus belonged to Church of Christ. Actually, he had got dreams to become actor since he was really young. He wanted to pursue his dream in acting career and his parents supported him. He grew into active and artistic boy. His father wanted him to grow in good freedom. He did not want his kid to experience what he had in the past. His dad grew in the totalitarian of North Korea where there was not freedom so his father wanted his son to live in freedom and pursue what he dreamt. In 1990, after he graduated forom Herbert Hoover High School, he started to study English language and literature and he took his study in Berkeley.

During his study, he really pursued his dream when he was child. He loved to played on stage and he chose to join the student theater in there. This got continued after he graduated his bachelor degree. He then joined East West Player so he could develop his acting skills. The East West Players (EWP) was an organization for Asian American people. The organization provided special training programs and good environment to develop the talented teenagers. In the organization, John Cho was active to provide English language class to immigrant children coming from Asian countries. Of course, he played in theaters and even got participated in TV programs. His participation in EWP was also his first screen appearance. In 1997, he got secondary role in a drama. It was a comedy satire drama titled Wag the Dog. In his first role, he worked with some popular stars, such as Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro, and also Woody Harrelson. He did not stop there. In the duration of two years after that, he also appeared in some TV shows and projects. Those were Felicity, The Magnificent Seven, and also Charmed. There were also other roles. However, most memorable appearance was when he got his role in American Pie. This was very popular title and people love it so it was not strange when started to get noticed in there.

He started to get better role when he participated in the production of Off Centre. It was a sitcom and John Cho worked on this project for a year. He got role of leading character in the show. He became owner of Asian restaurant in the show. Then, he got more acting roles during 2001 to 2004. He appeared in Delivering Milo, Big Fat Liar, Better Luck Tomorrow, and other titles. He really got quite smooth journey to pursue his dream. However, these were still not enough to make him got his best role and made him popular. Then, he got role that really made him famous. He got great offer from Danny Leiner. In addition to a film director, he was also author of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. It was a trilogy that got quite popular at that time. The story was made into great show and it was popular. John Cho got role as Korean guy called Harold. In the story, he also got partner who became the role of Kumar, an Indian guy. This became his turning points that really made him very popular. His acting skills got great impressions and he became iconic character in the story. After that, he got more offers with greater scales of shows and he becomes popular until now.

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