June 15, 2023

John Cho and His Actions that Make Him Famous

John Cho and His Actions that Make Him Famous – There are many popular American actors and actress. Most of them become popular after they successfully took a role in a movie and they can leave impression on the audiences and viewers. There are some actors and actress who get popular because of the good impressions and good acting skills, but there are also some of them who are known because of their problems or even scandals. Of course, when it talks about the successful and popular actors and actress, mostly it is about their great works in certain good movies. As for the example, there is John Cho who has become famous American actors. He got famous for his two roles in two different scenes. In this case, there are some interesting facts about this American actor.

First, it is about his ethnicity. From his name, it can be quite clear that he is not native of America. Although he is now known as American actor, actually he was not born in America. But he was born in Seoul, South Korea. From his name, it can be seen that he is Korean bloodline. He was born in Seoul but later he moved with his family to United States when he was still young. Both of his parents were Korean. They became immigrants in United States in 1960s and John Cho was brought to the country that made him popular by his two parents. In some interview, he still does not deny the fact that he is Korean. He even said that he identifies himself as Korean and American. Although he got good careers and got popular in United States, he was born in South Korea and both of his parents are Korean so he got this two identification.

As what is mentioned above, popular actors and actress got their name popular after they got success in their acting in movies or series. John Cho also got popular through his great acting skills. The one that makes him very popular is his acting in Star Trek reboot in 2009. He appeared as one of the character in the Harold and Kumar that was the official franchise of Star Trek. However, his role in Harold and Kumar was not his first appearance. He also got roles in some series. Before he starred Harold Lee, he got role in Columbus in 2017. It was an indie drama. A year after that, he also got role in a film. It was a thriller film, searching, and it was released in 2018. At least, these three roles are the ones that make him known even until now.

John Cho and His Actions that Make Him Famous

Some people ask about his body build that look impressive. People guessed that he did not only do regular exercises, but he might also practice martial arts. In this case, John Cho confirms that he really do martial arts. What he practices is Jeet Kune Do. This is iconic martial art that got popular because of Bruce Lee. Even, Bruce Lee is also the person who created and developed the martial art until it got so popular nowadays. He performed his martial arts in some of his acting roles, and one of them was in TV Series. Cowboy Bebop. His great skill in martial arts got noticed in the show and it can still be seen from his body build. Moreover, mostly people think that Asian people love martial arts so it is not wrong when people ask about the question about it.

Still related to his martial art practice and his role in Cowboy Bebop, it is said that he did not just have regular practice. In fact, he had intensive training in preparation of his role in Cowboy Bebop. He got role as Spike Spiegel and the series were released in Netflix. During his practice and training, he got personal trainer that provide him with intense schedule to build his body and also teach him the moves. In fact, his training is not only about martial arts. He also trained to ride motorcycle for the Cowboy Bebop. Although he spent most of the time for it, he did not regret it. He enjoy the training and whole preparations because he loves exploring new stuff. He also loves to give his best for his performance. Unfortunately, the Cowboy Bebop was cancelled. This surely made John Cho disappointed because he had prepared for long time for this. As for the cancelation, there were some reasons. One of them is that the series was too expensive.

The series had action sequences and there were also detailed animations added in the series. Thus, its production expenses were too high to afford. Then, there was also speculation that the show itself was not quite suitable for Netflix. It took long processes and many scenes for character developments and the storyline. Meanwhile, Netflix love the fast-paced shows and series.

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