John Cho (Harold & Kumar, Star Trek, and ABC's Selfie) is Hollywood's best hope for an Asian-American leading man.

A centerpiece of financially successful films, John Cho has a proven track-record of selling tickets and wooing audiences. In the Harold and Kumar trilogy, in which Cho played the titular lead, the series garnered $102,817,243 of box office revenue across the three films against a total $40,000,000 budget. And as Captain Hikaru Sulu in the popular Star Trek franchise, the films have only further cemented Cho's box office success.

Described by George Takei as having "swagger" and "swashbuckling panache", Cho also possesses the intangible traits to carry a leading role. Praising Cho's acting abilities, Steve Haruch of NPR calls Cho "a brilliant actor" who has "played a variety of characters with depth and dimension." Cho is everything you'd want for a title role that will have audiences laughing, swooning, and returning to the theater again and again. 

So when Cho is cast in the next shocking thriller, hilarious rom-com, Oscar-bait drama, or box-office breaking action blockbuster, let's get him what he's always deserved: TOP BILLING. 

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