John Cho, star of Better Luck Tomorrow, Harold & Kumar, and Star Trek, is the Hollywood's last hope for an Asian-American leading male. Charismatic, handsome, and a UC Berklee grad to boot, Cho is everything you'd want for a title role that will have audiences laughing, swooning, and respecting. But what's an actor to do when the roles offered to him require the fulfillment of a cultural stereotype or a one-dimensional character? 

As television's first Asian romantic lead in NBC's Selfie, Cho broke new ground in embodying a role that didn't require him to play a kung-fu sidekick, an asexual nerd, or a personality-devoid doctor. Whether Cho next plays the protagonist in a shocking thriller, hilarious rom-com, Oscar-bait drama, or box-office breaking action blockbuster, let's get him what he's always deserved: top billing. Share, tweet and post #johnchois and help spread the word!